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Pop road signs: cars the beginning of an end?

The car is a symbol of consumption par excellence in Western society and a symbol of wealth throughout the world.

The car pollutes, consumes directly and indirectly. But it's not just that, there are also all its derivatives: the road, signs, urban infrastructure, but also, in a more perverse way, the hydrocarbons emitted into the atmosphere and the city environment.


The exhibit deals with themes such as speed, automobile consumerism, atmospheric pollution, scrap yards, pavement, road signs and even pollution on parking lots, gas stations. and garages and finally pollution by exhaust pipes.


The answer to this question is outlined by a series of 24 30x30 cm canvases with as subject the "dead end" sign represented in different colors symbolizing the problem of cars in general (traffic, pollution, accidents, etc.) while highlighting the ever-present optimism of our society in new technologies to protect the environment.

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