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Visual artist Geneva


Phone: 0041 (0) 76 615 51 38


Ray gallery, Brooklyn NY USA

Pollution Art and manhole covers

Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt D

With JUSTBee gallery

Gallery of Rue CH

Oils, Pavement and Barrels.

Lake Gallery, Oldenburg D

Exhibition of barrels.


Swiss Art Space, Lausanne CH

Large group exhibition for the start of the school year on the theme of landscape.

CNDMA Acte7, Douvaine Grand Genève F

Group exhibition “EXPLORER” with Hongjung Park (NYC) and Mook (Seoul).

Galerie Odyssey, Lausanne CH

Collective exhibition with Sabrina Amigoni and Yollande Buchmüller Rouiller.

Galerie Calamart, Geneva CH

One evening at ô-Vives.

Galerie Au temps qui passe, Genolier CH

Exhibition of hyperrealism, barrels and screen printing.

Galerie Ruine, Geneva CH


Discovery Art Fair Cologne D

With JUSTBee gallery

CNDMA Acte5, Douvaine Grand Genève F

Fish season is one, with Ilona Stephani and Christian Husler.

Galerie Odyssey, Lausanne CH

"If Warhol were Swiss?"  Display integrated on the shelves of a Swiss grocery store.

HEP Lausanne, Lausanne CH

"If Warhol were Swiss?" "

Gallery 1902_Einladung, Masevaux F

Exhibit with Petr Beranek,


CNDMA, Douvaine Grand Genève F

Art fallen from the sled 2018,

Cité du Temps, Geneva CH

Group exhibit on the theme of Kiss & Fly organized by Artraction.

Gegenüber Gallery, Häusern D

CDMA, Act 3, Douvaine F

1st presentation of the "War" series. Duo exhibit with Hongjung Park.

Black Box Galerie, Lausanne CH

Pollution Art, Sidewalk & Barrels

CDMA, Act 2, Douvaine F

Hyperrealism with the Gumprints of Petr Beranek and the works of Lizzi Zebisch.

Galerie Calamart, UnSoirAuxEauxVives, Geneva CH

Die Alte Brennerei Kunstgalerie, Solothurn CH

Other sites


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Artemix, Geneva CH

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CDMA, Act 1, Douvaine F

1st exhibition of the Center for Decontectualization of the Art World

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Bolero, 160th SSBA, Versoix CH

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Reading society, Geneva CH

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Galerie ID, Carouge CH

Exhibition on the theme of the train.

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Galerie La Sonnette, Lausanne CH

Serigraphs "WHAT IF WARHOL AVAIT ETE SUISSE?". Exhibition with Caroline Sury and Adrienne Barmann

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Galerie Calmart, Geneva CH

"One evening in Eaux-Vives", artistic stroll

A stroll between the galleries and artists' studios of the left bank district, is what “Un soir aux Eaux-Vives” offers (first edition). To discover little-known places, where contemporary art jewels are hidden.

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Espace Michel Roset, Bourdigny GE

Collective of artist on the theme of "freehand"

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London Contemporary Art, London UK

Presentation of five "Canvases barrels".

Selected among the 20 artists who have exhibited at the Store Street Gallery in London, among more than 800 international artists.

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François Fontaine Gallery, Choully GE

Exhibition of serigraphs on the theme "What if Warhol had been Swiss?"

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Villa Dutoit, Geneva

TGD11, Soly Cissé and gest, For this 11th edition of the TGD project, Soly Cissé has proposed a number of artists with whom he wishes to dialogue within the framework of an exhibition. Thus 14 visual artists, who have an international background, were invited to take part in the collective exhibition of TGD11 alongside Soly Cissé. All invited artists have confirmed their participation. Soly Cissé, Dout's Ndoye, Pape Teigne Diouf, Serigne Mbaye Camara, Amadou Camara Guèye, Nu Barreto, Boubacar Cool Diabang, Souleymane Diané, Hassane Sar, Omar Bâ, Ousmane Dia, Thierry Feuz, Jean-Louis Perrot, Paul Jenni, Nicolas Noverraz .

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Arcadia, Geneva

Exhibition of serigraphs on the theme "What if Warhol had been Swiss?"

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Samhart gallery, Villars-sur-Ollon CH


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Galerie ID, Geneva

Urban and technical plastics

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International Institute of Management IMD, Lausanne CH

Serigraphs as part of a collective exhibition organized by Artraction.

Gallery ID, Carouge GE

"PLANS" exhibition

Druckkammer Die temporäre Galerie, Zurich.

Collective exhibition in the field of printing.

Gallery ID, Carouge GE

Collective exhibition for the 20 years of the gallery. With François Boirond, André Checa, Michael Craig-Martin, Cathy Ince, Robert Indiana, Michael Kalish, Alex Katz, Burton Morris, Julian Opie, James Rizzi, Tom Wesselmann and the presence of Michel Blanc, Catherine Kirchhoff, Roger Pfund, Gérald Poussin , Jeff Schaller and Nicolas Noverraz.

art limited - multiple art 20, Triennale Grenchen BE

Triennial of original engravings and prints.

Art at the Hospital, HUG Geneva.

The approach for this exhibition within the framework of the fiftieth of the HUG, deals with the subjects of our contemporary society. In serigraphs showing popular Swiss consumer products, I make slight formal shifts with the original products; these series make a nod to Andy Warhol. In this way I question the relationship between aesthetics and function, between beauty and the triviality of consumer objects; I seek, by this ambivalence, to induce an awareness of the spectator in relation to our society.

Villa du Jardin Alpin, Meyrin GE

"Ca Déménage à la SSBA" is the last exhibition of the SSBA-Geneva at the Villa du Jardin Alpin. This collective exhibition was open to all the artists who make up the Art-Art federation. Each received a moving box with the mission of producing a work. This exhibition is intended to be festive ... and for the event the Villa du Jardin Alpin will be "packed".

PLUG, Cercle des Bains, Geneva

The calamart gallery in Geneva is creating the event with PLUG, the rock-sounding artistic project dedicated to this cult object: the electric guitar. Presentation and auction of these ten emblematic and unique pieces customized by painters, visual artists, photographers and street artists.


ABDCStudio Gallery, Carouge


Calamart Gallery, Geneva

Collective with Vincent Richeux, Luluxpo, Katarina Boselli, Tanguy Bertocchi, Paul Kohler, Marta Blanc and

Jerome Blanc.

The American Dream, New Garage, Geneva

Exhibition with Boris Gratry

Botanica, Villa du Jardin Alpin-Meyrin, Geneva

Collective exhibition on the theme "History (s) of plant (s), plant (s) with history.

GenevArtSpace, Star Quarter, Geneva

Exhibition of works of Pollution Art from Geneva, New York, Barcelona and Dakar. As well as an installation

of a wall of canvases.


TDG10, Dakar, Senegal

Theme of TGD10 "Hospitality - Universality" The theme will be the guiding thread of the project. The binomial or duality of these terms is obvious, when we talk about Dakar and the influence of Senegal. It is also the most sincere aspiration of the CAP, which strives in its activities to be as diverse, open and welcoming, both in its choices and in its objectives. For its tenth edition of TGD, Le CAP could not choose a better currency.

Calamart Gallery, Geneva

What if Warhol had been Swiss?

Galerie ID, Carouge CH

"GVA 052013 ID" The works presented in this gallery specializing in POP ART, are mainly hyperrealistic, The chosen theme is "aviation".


Galerie aki, Geneva

Warehouse 24. The 95 “barrel canvas” works form an installation. The “barrel canvases” are object canvases made on a 1/1 scale, dimensions and profile identical to the original barrel. Only their conception differs, indeed these works are carried out in the most realistic way possible so as to accentuate the confusion between the real object and the painted canvas.

These object fabrics embody all kinds of potential contaminations, which range from radioactivity to chemicals, including conventional fuel.

Triennale de Grange, Grenchen CH .

Triennial of original engravings and prints.


Galerie aki, Geneva

What if Warhol had been Swiss?

Villa du Jardin Alpin, Geneva


Galerie l'Arbre à talents, Geneva

Work in progress.


Creation of several Pollution Art canvases, produced and polluted in Barcelona.


Gallery ID, Carouge

Silkscreen prints "And if Warhol had been Switzerland".

New York

Creation of several Pollution Art canvases, produced and polluted in the Bronx NY.

L'Arbre à talents gallery, Geneva

Collective exhibition.

Banque Gonet, Geneva. January 2010- April. 2011

A year of exhibition of serigraphs on the theme of "What if Warhol had been Swiss?".

Galerie de Rue, Friborg (Switzerland)

Pollution Art, Serigraphs and Hyperrealism,


Banque Gonet, Geneva

September-December 2009

One year of exhibition of silkscreen prints on the theme of “What if Warhol had been Switzerland”.

Galerie Artraction, Geneva

Collective with Carmen Gogniat, Didier Jordan, and Théo & dora for the 1st anniversary of the gallery.

Nant 19 ¼, Geneva

Collective with Eva Balibrea, Prisca Simon, Véronique Zbinden and Baptiste Banbour on the theme of “Living as a Majorette”.

Cimaise Gallery, Geneva

The Road, oils.

Implenia I warehouse 1, Geneva

$ 2,000 per barrel. Presentation of canvases and pollution art in an abandoned warehouse of 1000m2.


Grancy Gallery, Lausanne

Collective with Petr Beranek, Creation for the occasion of duo works on the theme of the Prague Spring.

Galerie du sablon, Geneva

Collective action by contemporary plastic artists to fight against female genital mutilation.

Gallery ID, Carouge

Silkscreen prints "And if Warhol had been Switzerland".

Artraction, Geneva

Rental and sale of works of art.

Villa du Jardin Alpin, Geneva

What if Warhol had been Swiss? Screen printing treatment of subjects from the Swiss consumer society. By drawing inspiration from the subjects that Warhol himself dealt with in his time.

TDG7, Villa Dutoit, Geneva

The challenge of the 7th edition of TDG was risky. Bring together in a single place, serving at the same time as exhibition space, work and life, twelve artists from different cultures, with mediums of expression and very varied approaches, invite them to lead a reflection on two terms "woman and authority", it was not won in advance all the artists adhered from the outset to the simple principles of the project, with spontaneity, authenticity, openness, generosity, mutual respect which were the ferments of what would take place over two weeks and ultimately become a precious and intense experience for everyone, in various ways.

Jan Ken Poi, Geneva

Only the N budget canvases were presented this year.


Forum Meyrin, Geneva

Following the presentation of the posters on the St-Antoine promenade, the original works are put on sale.

Galerie Ruine, Geneva

Collective exhibition on the of eroticism.

Implenia | warehouse 23, Le Lignon, Geneva

Exhibition in an abandoned warehouse in the industrial area of Lignon, Hyperrealistic paintings and parking paintings in a 300m2 space. The goal is to create the event or you don't expect it, this kind of place goes particularly well with urban art.

150 years of the SSBA (Swiss Society of Fine Arts Geneva)

Villa du Jardin Alpin, Geneva. Collective exhibition of postal art, purpose of an 8-month exchange between artists

and friends.

150 years of the SSBA (Swiss Society of Fine Arts Geneva)

promenade St-Antoine, Geneva. Participation with 127 visual artists, members and guests of the SSBA, in a poster exhibition on the promenade St-Antoine.

Next stop, Neuchâtel

Event which aims to make accessible, promote and disseminate artistic creation. Twice a year, “next stop” stops from 12:01 to 11:59 p.m. in an unusual place that is different each time. Participation with 17 other artists.

Jan Ken Poi, Geneva

Gallery of spaces for rent, 40X40X40 spaces. For the months of February, March and April. Installation of a mini black silicone tide on which I placed mini yellow, black or green drums, stamped TOXIC, RADIOACTIVE OR INFECTIOUS MATERIAL. For May, this sound of table bombs of the style one finds for children's birthdays, but equipped for "art lovers". since June we have taken the place of N budget fabrics, directly inspired by MIGROS packaging.


Lab-L art, Geneva

On the theme of "The man has been there, danger of death". Oils, silkscreens and installation, symbols diverted in this context showing a familiarization of all the scary symbols such as eg radioactive, toxic, infectious material, mines etc. The information is given to us: Is it becoming more and more familiar? is it still appropriate and well understood?

Europ'ART Geneva

Walk in the places of creation of 6 artists. For its participation in Euro'ART, the federation of associations of visual artists and plastic artists of Geneva, has chosen to work around the context of the birth of the work: what do we mean today by "artist workshop ”, Taking into account contemporary practices and attitudes? it is also a way of showing what artists do for the benefit of the community and what their daily lives are made of.

Galerie Lörrach, arsnova, (Germany)

The car: the beginning of a decline?

The car is a symbol of consumption par excellence in Western society and a symbol of wealth throughout the world.

The car pollutes, consumes directly and indirectly. But it's not just that, there are also all its derivatives: the road, signs, street furniture, but also, in a more perverse way, the hydrocarbons projected into the atmosphere and the urban environment.

The exhibition dealt with themes such as speed, automobile consumption, atmospheric pollution, car cemeteries, asphalt, street furniture, road signs or even pollution on the ground of parking spaces, stations. service and garages and finally pollution from exhaust gases.

The answer to this question was sketched out by a series of 24 30x30 cm canvases having as subject the sign "dead end" represented in different colors symbolizing the problem of the car in general (excess number, pollution, accidents, etc.). by blatantly showing the hope present in our society thanks to new technologies aimed at best protecting the environment.


Galerie Athénée 4, Geneva

Collective exhibition on the occasion of the end of the gallery's activities.

Galerie Ruine, Geneva. "LITTLE URBAN RIENS"

Highlighting tickets and other tickets that have a relative value during a given period. Treatment of works in serigraphy.

“IN SITU”, Henrichemond (France).

Exhibition of the magazine Plages, "PLAGES A LA CAMPAGNE"

Collective exhibition of artists working for the magazine, in a festive setting of a country gallery.

Galerie de Rue, Friborg (Switzerland)

Exhibition with and with Jacques BASLER, sculptor. On the occasion of this exhibition, the entrance to the gallery is moved, to allow the creation of an installation "the spiral". Through which the public will enter. Presentation in the gallery, of canvases in urban hyperrealism as well as panel canvases.

Post Scriptum Gallery, Friborg (Switzerland)

Collective exhibition on the occasion of the gallery's 20th anniversary.


An exhibition of visual artists from the region, selected following a competition by a jury made up of seven personalities representing museums or cultural institutions, visual arts education, artists' associations (ACT-ART) , independent artists and the City of Geneva, Department of Cultural Affairs, which took the initiative, intends to offer the public the opportunity to take stock of the vitality and diversity of contemporary creation in Geneva.


Villa du Jardin Alpin, Geneva

Installation - performance "the workshop in the arena" as part of the anniversary of the Villa du Jardin Alpin, 20 years, 20 days, 20 events. Production, to mark this event, of a video of each performance as well as a collective.

Participation in PLAGE n ° 106. Paris

Kugler Bimétal, Geneva

Creation of three works of 170X170cm, for the administrative building, within the framework of the 150 years of the factory.

Forum Meyrin, Geneva

Permanent exhibition season 04-05

Art'air 2004. Geneva

Participation in PLAGE n ° 105. Paris

Art│35│Basel, with BEACH

Center d'Art en l'Ile, Geneva

"THE BEACH" This installation has seen the Center d'Art en l'Ile transformed into a soiled coast after the passage of some "Prestige" and hordes of tourists not watching. Supply, to zealous visitors, of plastic gloves to collect the oil pellets and other junk buried in the sand. Once boxed, this waste became works of art.

Participation in PLAGE n ° 103. Paris


Lancy Gallery, Geneva

Cartographic Art.

Participation in PLAGE n ° 102. Paris

Invitation to create a work in Rome.

FIAC Paris, with PLAGE

Galerie Athénée 4, Geneva

Urban ecosystem. Exhibition of hyperrealistic paintings

Art'air 2003. Geneva

2nd prize winner in the “professional artist” category

Forum Meyrin, Geneva

Permanent exhibition season 03-04

Geneva Stadium, Geneva

As part of the construction of a new football stadium, Nicolas Noverraz will exhibit his paintings in its VIP lounges. This exhibition will focus on the theme of the old stadium dedicated to demolition, in order to create a synergy between the two stadiums.

Weiller Gallery, Paris

Collective exhibition.

Art│34│Basel, with BEACH

Participation in PLAGE n ° 100. Paris

Post Scriptum Gallery, Friborg (Switzerland)

Collective exhibition on the theme of the place.

Participation in PLAGE n ° 99. Paris


Galerie 217 Art Contemporain, Geneva

Winter collective.

Participation in PLAGE n ° 98. Paris

Participation in PLAGE n ° 97. Paris

Unique intervention in each copy of the magazine Plage by about twenty artists. Print approx. 600 copies, Paris / Boulogne-Billancourt.

Creation of a work at his “adopted” place in New York

APO, Geneva

Participation in the Open Doors Workshops of Geneva artists.

Galerie 217 Art Contemporain, Geneva

First appearance of the canvases in zoom.


Espace PRACTIKAL, Geneva

Urban serigraphs.

Development of the ZOOM concept.

Galerie Du Peyrou, Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

Urban serigraphs. Architectures treated in retouched screen printing

Development of the logo concept according to NN.

1995 - 2000

- 2000

Former Vifor Factory, Geneva

Exhibition of hyper-realistic urban paintings, in a disused industrial environment.

- 1999

Post Scriptum Gallery, Friborg (Switzerland)

Urban hyperrealism.

- 1998

Blackhawk, Geneva

Mystical nudes: representations of nudes through the themes of the tarot, the zodiac, the 7 deadly sins and the 4 elements.

- 1997

Onésienne House, Geneva

Urban hyperrealism on the theme of rail.

- 1996

House elsewhere, Yverdon (Switzerland)

Museum of Science Fiction, Utopia and Extraordinary Voyages

Photos, paintings, drawings. At the height of his fantasy art, he made his last exhibition in this very particular style that is science fiction.

- 1995

Maison des Arts du Grütli, Geneva

First exhibition of hyperrealist painting, on the theme of the city of Geneva, mostly airbrushed.

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